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Tips for Buying Cigar Humidors


Cigars over time lose their flavor, if not well stored, that is why cigar humidors were invented. They are storage casing made from Spanish cedar. Cigar humidors are meant to keep the cigar humid to maintain the flavor and tobacco. Therefore, it is an essential thing for those who enjoy cigars to have humidors. How do you choose a good humidor when there are so many that you could choose from. Well, here are a few tips that can guide you in the selection process.


First, you need to look at the price. Normally, you would go for the cheapest humidor in a bid to save money. However,  that is not the case for humidors. The cheaper it is, the warier you should be. The reason for that is some unscrupulous business people make humidors from cheap wood or in an affordable way and these humidors though cheap is not the best for you. They barely last a few months before they start making your cigars go bad. Therefore, when looking for the best cigars remember that good things should cost you and go for the best quality even if they are relatively expensive.


You ought to look at the size of the cigar humidor at cigarhumidorguy.com as you choose one. The size should be just right if at all it is to serve you well. Look at the collection of cigars and think of how big your collection will be in future. This way you will be able to select a suitable size. Size is important because if the size of the humidor is too small the cigars will be squeezed and that is much likely to affect the flavors of the cigars and if the humidor is too large, not only will it waste the potential of the humidor to store more cigars, but it will increase the chances of the humidity being absorbed by the few cigars inside and damaging it.


Portability is also an essential point of consideration if at all you like traveling. I am sure you would like to enjoy a cigar from time to time when you travel. Getting a portable humidor will make that possible. Visit this website at https://www.britannica.com/topic/cheroot for more facts about cigars.


There are a few features that can make your cigar humidor all the more effective. These are things like the tightness of the seal and built-in instruments like thermometer and hygrometer. These features enable you to enjoy a quality cigar for a long time because a tight seal will prevent entry and exit of moisture and the thermometer will help you know the temperature and humidity of the interior which helps you keep the cigars good.


These are the things to consider when buying a cigar humidor from Cigar Humidor Guy.